We are recreational, technical and cave diving instructors and diving is our passion for many years. We dived all around the globe and still today, we still discover with a new eye the underwater world that we do not cease to explore, to observe and from which our passion is nourished over time.

We had the opportunity during our many dives to try equipments, to see what was suitable, what was effective and especially what was not. The equipment must not fail us when we are engaged under water, and this whatever the type of dive.

This is why we looked for the equipment that we really needed as experienced divers and we found manufacturers who presented us well designed products, well built, and especially of an irreproachable quality allowing us to achieve our goal to enjoy our dives in all waters and under all circumstances including the most engaged while knowing that we can count on technical, reliable and performing equipment.

Our company, CDS, founded in 2017, offers exclusively brands that we know well, products of which we are sure of the quality and reliability to present to divers the best equipment allowing them to dive in the best conditions. CDS distributes brands of diving equipment to retailers who are as close as possible to divers, their daily lives and their needs.

We are also creating real partnerships with our manufacturers. We establish a relationship of trust with them, essential for true collaboration and end-to-end follow-up, from the creation to the design of new products. These privileged relations which we wished to set up led us, for example, to become the exclusive distributor in Europe of the BigBlue Dive Lights brand.

We wish through CDS to share a world of passions and discoveries, to work with professionals in direct link with the ground and the divers, who know diving and who can advise at best the beginners as the most experienced by proposing a selection of material of diving which is convenient for all and answering the needs of each in all efficiency.

CDS is today a structure on a human dimension which grows little by little with the wire of the meetings, which develops and which always seeks to improve its service, to widen its range and to be as close as possible to its customers who share the passion of the sea, the lakes, the oceans or the submerged underground abysses.